I train Attorneys, Social Workers, and
Mediators in the best practices to
use mediation as an alternative
to divorce litigation.

Let me help you learn a better way to serve
your clients, and grow your practice.
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What My Clients Say About Me

George Black

“Kelly has energized our Sales Team with his passion, energy and expertise in managing Social Media in today’s market place. My team is moving forward with Kelly as Social Media Coach to ensure we continue to grow our market share in a very challenging real estate market.”

George BlackVice President of Marketing, Meyer Real Estate
Sue Firth

“I met Kelly a few years ago when we attended a conference together and we really enjoyed having the same sense of humour and outlook on life. He has since supported my media presence and is completing a campaign as we speak. He is a really approachable person whose knowledge of the net and positioning yourself is really valuable; he’s a great person and a good friend.”

Sue FirthDirector, Sue Firth, Ltd., London
Laura Helling

“Kelly Ross Kerr is a dynamic, well versed, media professional whose vision and abilities are exceeded only by the success of every endeavor he undertakes.”

Laura HellingFormer Executive Director, Foundry Art Centre

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